How much do Amazon fulfillment companies sell for?

A website agent will generally charge between 10 and 15% of the gross sales price to sell their Amazon business, depending on the size of the business. A good starting point for determining the valuation is triple your annual earnings. That said, you may find a 1-2 fold variation higher or lower depending on the type of product (s), the category or categories you sell in, the total number of SKUs, etc. That said, despite common beliefs, it's actually not better to wait until you're in high season and earn more from your business to try to sell it.

Turns out this is one of the most useful articles, research I've found in my entire search to learn about Amazon FBA. It's tempting to treat your profits as your salary, but according to top Amazon sellers, the key to profitability on Amazon is to reinvest your profits in your Amazon business. As for the time you need to spend on your Amazon business to make those kinds of benefits, most Amazon sellers (including new Amazon sellers) spend less than 20 hours a week on their Amazon business. While sales are often a good measure of the health of an Amazon business, they don't give a complete picture of the money an Amazon seller is taking home.

Amazon FBA business owners considering selling their business should hire legal counsel early in the process. If you're just looking for a general idea, most FBA businesses sell about 2.5 to 3.5 times the SDE, and SDE stands for Seller Discretionary Profit or your Net Revenue plus any discretionary or one-off expenses. In these matters, it is advisable to turn to a lawyer with extensive experience in handling the unique complexities of online business. To start selling on Amazon, as in any business activity, you need to have a business plan and capital.

Business owners who have reliably withdrawn from trades can expect to receive a substantial increase in valuation multiple when it comes to selling. There are two ways to transfer information from one Amazon seller account to another using an Amazon account transfer or an Amazon listing transfer.

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